baby disasters, flowers and love

I’m sleepy right now. but true to form, i find myself not going to bed when Elijah is working late. so i may as well write.

today was my first Sunday back leading worship at my church. i love them all so. the morning didn’t start out all that great, even though (amazingly enough) we were on time and i even gave Leo a bath this morning – of course by the time we got to church the sunday curse had struck and he had completely soaked his clothes through… for the first time ever i must say. My babies only have blowouts and pee pee floods on Sundays (so it seems). I’ve come to expect and even embrace this fact. so why i didn’t pack him another full outfit, i can’t say. So my first 30 minutes back at the helm was less than awesome. I felt scattered and rushed – my baby soaked himself and we ran out of formula last night… so i had to time everything perfectly so Leo wouldn’t be hungry during practice or during church.. he ALLLLmost made it all the way though – but thanks to some amazing co-workers and friends I managed to get through a whole service – lead worship and nothing fell apart. In fact – it was really great to be back – baby disasters and all. It was good to be back and worship with my guys again – I am constantly blown away at what a gift i’ve been given with my team – all of them –  musicians and tech. It was rich and full today – and i know it only gets better from here… the promise of more resonates through the air and through my spirit. and all i can say is Yes Lord!

there’s much to say about this new season i’m heading back into – and regardless of how much it feels like i’m being shoved into it, and that i can’t possibly be ready to get back to anything more than sitting here staring at my baby all day – i am in fact NOT being shoved, and wether it feels like it or not, this is quite a smooth transition back into the world of commuting to Charlotte to be a part of staff meetings and the daily life of my church family. I’m so thankful. It’s wonderful to be loved – and there’s nothing like coming back to flowers and gifts to just bring home how much you’re appreciated 🙂

ok, so i’m too sleepy to think anymore – so i’ll go get some sleep before Leo wakes up… oh Lord, please let him sleep a good long stretch.

maybe i’ll have more brain power to have more to say next time. till next time my friends.

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