Guitarsallie is the home for my love of processing and sharing my explorations with you.

Hi, I’m Sallie. We all have the same basic need and desire: to love and be loved. It has become my life’s work to explore and put language to engaging in the vulnerability and courage it takes to create the meaningful and rich connections with God and one another that we all crave.

Let it Grow Stronger

My first love is music – it always will be. There is something about the release that happens when you allow your voice to leave your body that is unlike anything else I’ve discovered. This is one of my favorite all time songs I’ve written (and it happens to be my husband’s favorite,too) I wrote …

Into the Unknown

Transition out of old, prebuilt places into new, un-forged territory is hard. It’s sad leaving home and striking out into the wild west of the unknown. It’s ok. Take the time to feel sad about leaving what you have known, what you have loved, what shaped and formed you into who you are today. And …


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