Jesus, Boundaries & the Shame Trap

There is a lot of talk about boundaries - about how they must be in place to have healthy relationships. But there's a lot of confusion around what exactly is meant by "boundary" and how it functions, and what it's purpose is. So let's talk about it. #1. Boundaries Communicate, not Isolate. Boundaries tell others … Continue reading Jesus, Boundaries & the Shame Trap

MacArthur, Moore and why God hates women

"I don't know about terms, I just know that women are not allowed to preach…"John MacArthur During a game of word association, the name Beth Moore (an evangelist, author and Bible teacher) was presented to John MacArthur for his spontaneous response - to which he replied "Go Home." We hear peals of laughter and applause … Continue reading MacArthur, Moore and why God hates women