Dear Reader

Dear Reader, this is for you. My hope is that you find something I say as a comfort or confirmation or exhortation… and if what you read brings up a thought or memory I would love to hear about it.

After-all we’re all in this together.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. My friend, Ramona Parker, shared a link with me to your blog on hiding. It’s very well written like your heart is on the page being honest and whoever wants to take it in will be better for it. So thank you. I followed the link to your photography page and saw some kids I know – Songs of Water. I recently attended The Breath & The Clay Creativity and Worship conference in Winston Salem created by Stephen Roach. A bunch of the band members were there. You would have loved it.

    I clicked to follow your posts. I will look forward to your long-winded ponderings! Mine are usually a bit long-winded, too. God’s best blessings to your heart!


    1. Thank you, Robin! I’m glad you enjoyed what you read, long-winded and all. Stephen and I have been friends almost 20 years now – he’s doing beautiful things with the Breath and the Clay, I’m glad you were able to go. — Cheers!

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  2. Oh how nice! I used to attend Awake Church when I lived in WS. My daughters have both sung with the worship band on Sundays there. The conference was amazing! His fourth, but my first! And not my last!


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