Keep on Singing

Sparrow Song is a monthly singing night for us ladies. We tell stories, share our songs and hold space for one another in the safety of sisterhood.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We all have a song inside of us, we just have to be brave enough to let it out. Sparrow Song is the invitation to share through singing, art, spoken word, story telling, prayer – you can even dance it out if you want – whatever your heart’s expression may be. Sparrow Song is a safe place to hold space for one another and release the songs inside our hearts, whatever form it takes. There’s something about using art and music to release our prayers, fears, hopes, and longings that sets us free and brings us to a place of discovery in a way that talking it out just can’t do.

Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make lonliness a shared experience, and transform despair into hope — Brene Brown

You are seen, You are known, and You are loved.

What We Do

Night of Songs

Sparrow Song is once a month. We meet to sing our hearts out in spontaneous song, spoken word, story telling, poetry, or whatever expression brings your heart to life. Bring your journal and your voice and we will explore and discover together.

Group Music Therapy

Art has the power to reach places in us that talk therapy alone just can’t do. Kambi Swan, LPC trauma therapist extraordinaire, and I are teaming up for group art therapy sessions. These sessions are limited to 8 participants, so sign up today for our next event.

One on One Sessions

I am available to meet one on one for Spiritual Life Coaching and music therapy sessions. Contact me for details.


What People Say

I never knew how much I needed to sing my heart prayer until I experienced one of the hardest times of my life. I didn’t know it then, but I was singing songs over myself. GOD was preparing my heart for what was coming. There was healing in the midst of my tears…such freedom in my song.


I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but it was the bomb! So glad I came. Such a cool experience and looking forward to the next one.


Sing Your Heart Out!

Free, spontaneous singing allows your heart to speak out loud without your logical brain dictating what you “should” be saying or thinking. Oh, the things our heart will tell us if we will only give it the space to be heard!!

Join us for Music Therapy Sessions or Sparrow Song. Space is limited at these events, so Click below to —