Jesus, Boundaries & the Shame Trap

There is a lot of talk about boundaries - about how they must be in place to have healthy relationships. But there's a lot of confusion around what exactly is meant by "boundary" and how it functions, and what it's purpose is. So let's talk about it. #1. Boundaries Communicate, not Isolate. Boundaries tell others … Continue reading Jesus, Boundaries & the Shame Trap

The woes of a pissed off perfectionist

I looked my 11 year old daughter in her big round, brown eyes. I had called her into the kitchen where I was cooking supper, because i suddenly realized I had said a horrible thing to her and I had to make it right. In those big, beautiful tender eyes I saw fear and dread. I had done that. I had put that dread and fear in her heart that came spilling out of her eyes. She stood there timidly, waiting to hear what I wanted to say and my heart broke a little inside my chest.